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Swift Question

How to use swift function that returns a value - in objective C?

I am using IBM Watson APIs - Alchemy Data news

The problem is, I am using swift - objective C bridging and in between I am stuck with the function that returns a value. How do I use that value in my objective C code?

Here is my swift class

@objc class alchemyNews : NSObject {

func getNewsList() -> NewsResponse {

let apiKey = "api-key"
let alchemyDataNews = AlchemyDataNews(apiKey: apiKey)

let start = "now-1d" // yesterday
let end = "now" // today
let query = [
"q.enriched.url.title": "O[IBM^Apple]",
"return": "enriched.url.title,enriched.url.entities.entity.text,enriched.url.entities.entity.type"
let failure = { (error: NSError) in print(error) }

alchemyDataNews.getNews(start, end: end, query: query, failure: failure) { news in


let response : NewsResponse = alchemyDataNews.getNews(start, end: end) { news in
return news

return response

I want to have alchemyDataNews.getNews print value to be display. So I am calling this function in my Objective C class in this way.

@property (strong, nonatomic) AlchemyDataNews *getnews;

self.getnews = [[AlchemyDataNews alloc]init];
[self.getnews getNewsList];


But what to do now? This will just call the function and not give me the response so that I can put it in array and display in tableview.

Answer Source

I think the issue is getNewsList returns an instance of NewsResponse, you should store it in a variable and then use it.

self.getnews = [[AlchemyDataNews alloc]init];
NewsResponse *newResponse = [self.getnews getNewsList];

// now you can use 'newResponse'
// ...

Hope that helped.

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