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Reverse iteration with an unsigned loop variable

I've been discussing the use of size_t with colleagues. One issue that has come up is loops that decrement the loop variable until it reaches zero.

Consider the following code:

for (size_t i = n-1; i >= 0; --i) { ... }

This causes an infinite loop due to unsigned integer wrap-around. What do you do in this case? It seems far to easy to write the above code and not realise that you've made a mistake.

Two suggestions from our team are to use one of the following styles:

for (size_t i = n-1; i != -1 ; --i) { ... }

for (size_t i = n; i-- > 0 ; ) { ... }

But I do wonder what other options there are...

Answer Source

Personally I have come to like:

for (size_t i = n; i --> 0 ;)

It has a) no funny -1, b) the condition check is mnemonic, c) it ends with a suitable smiley.

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