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Java Question

how to read the parameters and value from the querystring using java

I am using Ciui from google code and all the requests are only GET requests and not POST. The calls are made by the ajax (i am not sure) . I need to know how to read the "searchstring" parameter from this url. When i read this in my servlet using the getQueryString() method i am not able to properly form the actual text. This unicode (when % replaced by /) like text is actually in chinese. Please let me how to decode search string and create the string.

The other parameter is in proper percentage encoding an i am able to decode using the URL decode. Thanks in advance

Answer Source

Your encoding scheme for those chinese characters actually violates web standards (namely RFC 3986): the percent sign is a reserved character that may not be used except for the standard percent encoding.

I'd strongly advise you to use the standard encoding scheme (UTF-8 bytes and percent encoding); then you can simply use the standard getParameter() method. If you insist on violating the standard, it may well be impossible to solve your problem within a standards-compliant servlet container.

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