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Where do I call the BatchNormalization function in Keras?

If I want to use the BatchNormalization function in Keras, then do I need to call it once only at the beginning?

I read this documentation for it:

I don't see where I'm supposed to call it. Below is my code attempting to use it:

model = Sequential()
keras.layers.normalization.BatchNormalization(epsilon=1e-06, mode=0, momentum=0.9, weights=None)
model.add(Dense(64, input_dim=14, init='uniform'))
model.add(Dense(64, init='uniform'))
model.add(Dense(2, init='uniform'))

sgd = SGD(lr=0.1, decay=1e-6, momentum=0.9, nesterov=True)
model.compile(loss='binary_crossentropy', optimizer=sgd), y_train, nb_epoch=20, batch_size=16, show_accuracy=True, validation_split=0.2, verbose = 2)

I ask because if I run the code with the second line including the batch normalization and if I run the code without the second line I get similar outputs. So either I'm not calling the function in the right place, or I guess it doesn't make that much of a difference.

Answer Source

It is another type of layer, so you should add it as a layer in an appropriate place of your model


See an example here:

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