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Getting Highcharts tooltip to return an angular directive?

We are trying to create some complex tooltips for our Highcharts graph, that will be showing some dynamic data thats in the app but not displayed by the graph, so I figured the best bet was to create an angular directive for all the formatting and such, and then enable the useHTML : true attribute of highcharts along with a custom formatter function. The $compile() doesn't throw an error..

However when this code runs, the tooltip just shows Object.object as the text, and not the content of the directive's template. Am I missing something, or is this not going to be possible? Below is an example of what we're trying...

tooltip: {
useHTML: true,
formatter: function () {

return $compile("<pm-error-rate-tooltip ></<pm-error-rate-tooltip>")($scope);


I'm wondering if this needs to be 'appended' to some DOM element to work, but if so I'm not sure what the element is named for the tooltip?

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You are giving the formatter a dom element, and it wants an html string. Converting it back to html works, but it seems like an inefficient way to accomplish your goal.

formatter: function () {                  
    return $compile("<pm-error-rate-tooltip></pm-error-rate-tooltip>")($scope).html();                   

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