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C++, Qt: Variable named "slots" in included external library

I'm using Qt to write a desktop application that includes an external library. The problem is that I get an error when including the external library:

.../sc_containers.h:667: error: expected unqualified-id before ';' token
sc_array_t *slots;

I successfully included the same library in a non-qt project before, so I assume that this error is related to the fact that Qt uses
as a special keyword (see here in the Qt documentation).

Is there a way that I can use that external library in my program? Since this is not my own library, changing the variable name to something else isn't really an option.

Thanks in advance!

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Adding QT_NO_KEYWORDS (-DQT_NO_KEYWORDS) definition to your build will prevent Qt from defining foreach, signals, slots which may collide with other frameworks.

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