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C# Regular expression for skiping words that starts with some characters

I want to find and replace some words from a string. But I want to skip words containing special characters like '

' etc. I have written one but the problem is it selects first bracket also.

(Victoria Basement OR QVB @Victoria Basement #Victoria Basement ?#Victoria Basement!?)

[^#@?!%$&]Victoria Basement

Expected output: it should select only "
Victoria Basement
" not "
(Victoria Basement
" or "
@Victoria Basement #Victoria Basement ?#Victoria Basement!?

Please help.

Answer Source

Please try this: ((?<![#@\?!%$&])Victoria Basement)

See it working here:

[EDIT] add explanation:

So [^#@?!%$&]Victoria Basement will capture 1 character for [^#@?!%$&] but in case of (Victoria Basement it won't be matching so you need to do a "negative look behind" to exclude that character from the match like (?<![#@\?!%$&]) then you wrap everything with () if you want to capture! ;)

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