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Javascript Question

JS generate random boolean

Simple question, but I'm interested in the nuances here.

I'm generating random booleans using the following method I came up with myself:

const rand = Boolean(Math.round(Math.random()));

shows up, it seems there's always a pitfall - it's not truly random, it's compromised by something or other, etc. So, I'd like to know:

a) Is the above the best-practice way to do it?

b) Am I overthinking things?

c) Am I underthinking things?

d) Is there a better/faster/elegant-er way I don't know of?

(Also somewhat interested if B and C are mutually exclusive.)


If it makes a difference, I'm using this for movement of an AI character.

Answer Source

Technically, the code looks fine, but just a bit too complex. You can compare "Math.random()" to "0.5" directly, as the range of Math.random() is [0, 1). You can divide the range into [0, 0.5) and [0.5, 1).

var random_boolean = Math.random() >= 0.5;
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