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Javascript Question

How to precompile gulp-handlebars helpers?

I am precompiling my templates into JS using gulp-handlebars but I am having trouble getting custom handlebars helpers to also precompile. Does anyone know if there is any support/way to precompile custom helper methods?

Answer Source

I noticed that gulp-handlebars can use a specific handlebars library, essentially overriding its default. So, by just creating my own module and registering some helpers, and feeding that into the handlebars call, things are working locally.

// helpers.js
var handlebars  = require('handlebars');

handlebars.registerHelper('upper', function(str){
   return str.toUpperCase();

module.exports = handlebars;

And then in the gulpfile (something like this):

var handlebars = require('./src/js/helpers.js');

gulp.task('handlebars', function(){
      .pipe(gulp_handlebars({handlebars: handlebars})) // override library here
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