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How to use Universal Image Loader

I have a requirement where I need to load thumbnails and a

which gets set by the custom
. The Thumbnails should be stored in a cache memory, for that I am using the Universal Image Loader however I am pretty much confused in the implementation of it and how to use it as per my requirement in to load the images in
. Please suggest me some ways for it with good implementation.

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Write below code line into your adapter's getView() method, here imageUrls[position] is array of Image Urls and holder.image is imageview.

imageLoader.displayImage(imageUrls[position], holder.image, null);

And write below code line into your adapter constructor.

ImageLoader imageLoader=new  ImageLoader(activity.getApplicationContext());

it will solve your problem, And if you have any query regarding that then tell me.

And see below link for complete source code of Universal Image Loader Example.

Android - Universal Image Loader

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