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Smooth scroll angular2

I am having trouble getting a smooth scroll service to work in angular 2. Are there any services for smooth scrolling, or plain anchor scrolling, that might work until the angular 2 team gets the $anchorScroll angular2 equivalent working?

So far I have just tried:

Setting *ngFor loop incremental id on a parent div

[]="'point' + i"

Calling a scrollto on a button with the id passed

class="btn btn-lg btn-default "
Scroll to point

And in the associated component I am trying to implement a plain js smooth scroll function

smoothScroll(eID) {
var startY = currentYPosition();
var stopY = elmYPosition(eID);
var distance = stopY > startY ? stopY - startY : startY - stopY;
if (distance < 100) {
scrollTo(0, stopY); return;
var speed = Math.round(distance / 100);
if (speed >= 20) speed = 20;
var step = Math.round(distance / 25);
var leapY = stopY > startY ? startY + step : startY - step;
var timer = 0;
if (stopY > startY) {
for (var i = startY; i < stopY; i += step) {
setTimeout(, leapY), timer * speed);
leapY += step; if (leapY > stopY) leapY = stopY; timer++;
} return;
for (var i = startY; i > stopY; i -= step) {
setTimeout(,leapY), timer * speed);
leapY -= step; if (leapY < stopY) leapY = stopY; timer++;
function currentYPosition() {
// Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari
if (self.pageYOffset) return self.pageYOffset;
// Internet Explorer 6 - standards mode
if (document.documentElement && document.documentElement.scrollTop)
return document.documentElement.scrollTop;
// Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8
if (document.body.scrollTop) return document.body.scrollTop;
return 0;
function elmYPosition(eID) {
var elm = document.getElementById(eID);
var y = elm.offsetTop;
var node = elm;
while (node.offsetParent && node.offsetParent != document.body) {
node = node.offsetParent;
y += node.offsetTop;
} return y;

I'm also trying to give access to the window for the this._win.scrollTo which is coming from a window provider service

import {Injectable, Provider} from 'angular2/core';
import {window} from 'angular2/src/facade/browser';
import {unimplemented} from 'angular2/src/facade/exceptions';

function _window(): Window {
return window

export abstract class WINDOW {
get nativeWindow(): Window {
return unimplemented();

class WindowRef_ extends WINDOW {
constructor() {
get nativeWindow(): Window {
return _window();

export const WINDOW_PROVIDERS = [
new Provider(WINDOW, { useClass: WindowRef_ }),


I changed the to and now I am getting an effect similar to angular1.x $anchorscroll where the scroll is a snappy just instead of a smooth transition, but the scroll is not smooth and I am getting the following exception error.

Exception error


I am no longer getting that error after finding out that angular2 is doing the setTimeout a bit differently, but the scroll is still instantaneous and not a smooth scroll.

I changed

setTimeout(, leapY), timer * speed);


setTimeout(() =>, leapY), timer * speed);

Answer Source

If you want a very simple anchor jump that works after routing and within routed views, you can also use ng2-simple-page-scroll.

<a simplePageScroll href="#myanchor">Go there</a>

Or right after routing:

<a simplePageScroll [routerLink]="['Home']" href="#myanchor">Go there</a>

It does a simple instant jump, but it works.

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