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Java Question

Can i instruct Maven to use another JDK other than the one specified at JAVA_HOME?

Currently my JAVA_HOME is set to a JDK that is 1.4.2, to run Maven 3, i would need 1.5 and above, is there anyway i can instruct my Maven installation to use another JDK that is installed other than changing the JAVA_HOME environment variable?

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That's pretty much the way to do it. I assume you mean you don't want to change your global JAVA_HOME. That's fine. You just need to set a different JAVA_HOME for Maven. You can easily do that by creating a file at /etc/mavenrc or ~/.mavenrc (Linux) or %HOME%\mavenrc_pre.bat (Windows) with the appropriate JAVA_HOME defined in it. Maven executes those on startup if they exist unless you've defined a variable named MAVEN_SKIP_RC. You could also modify the Maven startup scripts directly, but there's no good reason for that since it gives you these nice hooks.

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