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HTML Question

How can I get FCKEditor in Drupal to stop re-escaping my HTML?

Having an infuriating problem with FCKEditor in Drupal that I cannot figure out for the life of me.

I am creating a block and using the FCKEditor rich text input box. I switch to Source mode and enter in the following HTML:

<img src="" alt="an image" />

I check to confirm that input format is set to "Full HTML" and press Save. Upon loading my site, I discover that the HTML in FCKEditor's Source view is now:

<p><img alt="\&quot;an image" src="\&quot;\&quot;" /></p>

Obviously that prevents the image from rendering properly since the browser sees the path to the image as:


PLEASE does someone know how to help? This is infuriating.




Quick workaround could be to not use the quotes since it seems to be adding them in anyway. Example:

<img src= alt=alt text>