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AVFoundation- Camera Switches Once, And Only Once

I found this great thread here on StackOverflow and used it to write my

function in Swift.

I've got it working so that when I press my button, the camera switches to the Back camera. However, it does not switch back to the Front camera once I press it again. What did I do wrong in my code that doesn't allow the camera to be switched again?

One extra note: When I translated the code mentioned in the the thread above, I was unable to return
in my
. Not sure if that's what is causing my issue.

My Code:

@IBAction func switchCamera(sender: UIButton) {
let currentCameraInput: AVCaptureInput = session.inputs[0] as! AVCaptureInput

let newCamera: AVCaptureDevice?
if(captureDevice!.position == AVCaptureDevicePosition.Back){
println("Setting new camera with Front")
newCamera = self.cameraWithPosition(AVCaptureDevicePosition.Front)
} else {
println("Setting new camera with Back")
newCamera = self.cameraWithPosition(AVCaptureDevicePosition.Back)

let newVideoInput = AVCaptureDeviceInput(device: newCamera!, error: nil)
if(newVideoInput != nil) {
} else {
println("Error creating capture device input")



func cameraWithPosition(position: AVCaptureDevicePosition) -> AVCaptureDevice {
let devices = AVCaptureDevice.devices()
for device in devices {
if(device.position == position){
return device as! AVCaptureDevice
return AVCaptureDevice()

Answer Source

5 Minutes after I post the question and I figure it out, lol.

My issue was that I did not set my initial captureDevice equal to the newly created AVCaptureDevice which I called newCamera.

So to fix that I simply did this at the end of switchCamera()...

captureDevice! = newCamera!
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