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PHP Question

Remove style attribute from HTML tags

I'm not too good with regular expressions, but with PHP I'm wanting to remove the

attribute from HTML tags in a string that's coming back from TinyMCE.

So change
<p style="...">Text</p>
to just vanilla

How would I achieve this with something like the

Answer Source

The pragmatic regex (<[^>]+) style=".*?" will solve this problem in all reasonable cases. The part of the match that is not the first captured group should be removed, like this:

$output = preg_replace('/(<[^>]+) style=".*?"/i', '$1', $input);

Match a < followed by one or more "not >" until we come to space and the the style="..." part. The /i makes it work even with STYLE="...". Replace this match with $1, which is the captured group. It will leave the tag as is, if the tag doesn't include style="...".

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