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MySQL Question

Can't figure out this mysql query

first I've been trying to make my php script right for a query, but when i run an sql error check, i discover the query is whats wrong in my script...
since php is fine, i won't bother posting what my php does.

i've been trying several syntaxes that people recomend on many places... what I'm trying now is using phpMyAdmin to directly insert the queries and test how it works faster...

I did many of those queries on the past but i just can't figure out what is wrong.... i tried also using phpMyAdmin default syntax and use only the necessary stuff... still no work.

the query im using:

UPDATE `promos` SET `img2`='Captura_de_Tela__2_.png' WHERE `id` 1

so my table is promos, the field i want to change is the field 'img2', on the id 1, and insert that image src there, the 'Captura_de_Tela__2_.png'.... still trying... not working still... please help!!!

Answer Source

try this

UPDATE `promos` SET `img2`='Captura_de_Tela__2_.png' WHERE `id` = 1
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