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PHP Question

DateTime modify string for first day of current year

im looking for the DateTime modify String for the first day of the year (now 1. January 2011). I tried the following:


$time = new DateTime();

// works as expected, the first day of the current month
$time->modify('first day of this month');
echo $time->format('c')."\n";

// this doesn't work. I also tried several other ways
$time->modify('first day of january');
echo $time->format('c')."\n";


I know there are other ways to retrieve the date, but I search an string for DateTime->modify() no other solution.

Answer Source

You should specify the year too, as you can see in this example:

"first day of January 2008"

from the official doc.

Update: It works on php version >= 5.3.6

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