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Glassfish JAX-RS JSON Mapping Simple Example Internal Server Error 500 No Logs Produced

I have created a simple REST service with two resources. The first resource works great and just returns MediaType.TEXT_PLAIN.

For the second resource I wanted to try mapping POJO to Java and followed this example:

with my testbean defined as:

public class Company {

public String name;
public String symbol;
public String country;

public Company(String name, String symbol,
String country) { = name;
this.symbol = symbol; = country;

public String getName() {
return name;

public String getSymbol() {
return symbol;

public String getCountry() {
return country;

The resource is trivial as well:

public class CompanyResource {

private Map<String, Company> companies;

public CompanyResource() {
companies = new LinkedHashMap<String, Company>();
companies.put("Apple", new Company("Apple Inc.", "AAPL", "USA"));
companies.put("Microsoft", new Company("Microsoft Corp.", "MSFT", "USA"));
companies.put("Honda", new Company("Honda Motor Co Ltd", "HMC", "Japan"));
companies.put("Random", new Company("Random Inc.", "RND", "Undefined"));

public Company getCompany(@PathParam("name") String name) {
Company cmp = companies.get(name);
if (cmp == null) {
return companies.get("Random");
return cmp;

I have debugged a request and arrive at the return statement without problems. From here however, I think a JAXBException is thrown but I am unable to view the details, and nothing appears in any log anywhere. All that happens is that the browser display an "internal server error 500" message.

Under monitoring configuration I have in desperation set everything to level HIGH. Still nothing appears anywhere.

The only similar questions I found were jax-rs 2.0 and Glassfish 4 unable to @consume JSON into Pojo and JAX RS Jersey + JSON --> HTTP 500 Internal Server Error but they didn't seem entirely related.

For client I am simply using Google Chrome with the "Advanced REST Client" app.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer Source

You will need to provide a no-arg constructor on your Company class. If you want to limit who can access constructor you can make it private.

private Company() {
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