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Linux Question

Bash output all stdout both to console and file

I am trying to output all

both to console and to a file. I know about
./script | tee somefile
, but that doesn't work for me. I want it to do it automatically, without me piping it from the console. I've tried

exec 2>&1 | tee somefile
echo "..."

but that didn't work. What would be the correct solution?

Answer Source

The classical solution is to add something like this at the top of the script:

test -z "$REXECED" && { REXECED=1 exec $0 "$@" 2>&1 |  tee -a somefile; exit; }

You might also like:

test -t 1 && {  exec $0 "$@" 2>&1 |  tee -a somefile; exit; }
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