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Laravel Creating Dynamic Routes to controllers from Mysql database

I have the following table: group_pages in mysql database with page name route name :

id name route
0 About about
1 Contact contact
2 Blog blog

what I am trying to do is to create dynamic routes in my : routes.php ?

Where if I go to for example:
it will go to
( which will be created dynamically) is that possible? is it possible to create a dynamic controller file?

I am trying to create dynamic pages routes that links to a controller

example i want to generate this dynamically in my

Route::controller('about', 'AboutController');

Route::controller('contact', 'ContactController');

Route::controller('blog', 'BlogController');

Answer Source

This is not the right way to create dynamic pages instead, you should use a database and keep all pages in the database. For example:

// Create pages table for dynamic pages
id | slug | title | page_content 

Then create Page Eloquent model:

class Page extends Eloquent {
    // ...

Then create Controller for CRUD, you may use a resource controller or a normal controller, for example, normally a PageController:

class PageController extends BaseController {

    // Add methods to add, edit, delete and show pages

    // create method to create new pages
    // submit the form to this method
    public function create()
        $inputs = Input::all();
        $page = Page::create(array(...));

    // Show a page by slug
    public function show($slug = 'home')
        $page = page::whereSlug($slug)->first();
        return View::make('pages.index')->with('page', $page);

The views/page/index.blade.php view file:

{{-- Add other parts, i.e. menu --}}
    {{ $page->page_content }}

To show pages create a route like this:

// could be page/{slug} or only slug
Route::get('/{slug}', array('as' => '', 'uses' => 'PageController@show'));

To access a page, you may require url/link like this:

This is a rough idea, try to implement something like this.

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