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Is it possible to use GitHub and GitLab on one machine?

I have accounts in GitHub and GitLab. I generated and added an RSA key to my account in GitLab, but now I need to work with GitHub on a second project.

I know that GitLab and GitHub both use git. Please tell me if it's possible to use GitHub and GitLab on one machine?

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Yes you can, you can share the same key between them both (ssh key) or create a new one per git server.

Create a SSH config file

When you have multiple identity files(in your case one for gitlab and one for github) , create a SSH config file to store your various identities.

The format for the alias entries use in this example is:

Host alias 
  HostName github.com 
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/identity

To create a config file for two identities (workid and personalid), you would do the following:

Open a terminal window.
Edit the ~/.ssh/config file. 

If you don't have a config file, create one.
Add an alias for each identity combination for example:

Host github
HostName github.com 
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/github

Host gitlab
HostName gilab.com 
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/gitlab

This way you can have as many accounts as you wish each one with a different ssh key attached to it.

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