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Event listener on Alamofire

I used to build my app on Firebase before and there was a method which listens for value updates, something like this:

refHandle = postRef.observeEventType(FIRDataEventType.Value, withBlock: { (snapshot) in
let postDict = snapshot.value as! [String : AnyObject]
// ...

Now I'm not using firebase anymore, I'm using deployd and I use Alamofire to retrieve data in JSON. I wonder if there is an event listener in Alamofire that can execute code if the value is changing in the database, instead of retrieving the value every 2 minutes.


Answer Source

Okay so I found this thing called TRVSEventSource which is meant for handling SSE events.

So I added the following code after adding the header files and bridging them like this:

let configs = NSURLSessionConfiguration.defaultSessionConfiguration()
    configs.HTTPAdditionalHeaders = ["Accept" : "text/event-stream"]

    let eventsource = TRVSEventSource(URL: NSURL(string: "<Your Database Secret>"), sessionConfiguration: configs)
    eventsource.delegate = self

After that using the TRVSEventSourceDelegate, I added this delegate to get the information:

 func eventSource(eventSource: TRVSEventSource!, didReceiveEvent event: TRVSServerSentEvent!) {
        let data = try NSJSONSerialization.JSONObjectWithData(, options: .MutableContainers)
    catch let error

The following prints something like this { data = { desc = "My Data"; }; path = "/"; }

And with that also tells you within what path of the JSOn file has been edited or added, idk how to handle things separately and stuff but I think you can handle the rest XD. Not a good answer but I hope I helped XD (First time properly answering something)

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