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Sass (Sass) Question

hamburger menu icon transition issue scss

I am having some trouble with the transition property trying to include the all keyword.

I've included a fiddle and I feel I'm either making a simple (or stupid) mistake or something? I've seen the all keyword work fine? And it seems to working fine on the .on class when selecting them?

Why is the base classes that use the

// not working
transition: 0.2s transform, 0.2s all 0.4s;
// working
transition: 0.2s transform, 0.2s top 0.4s, 0.2s margin-top 0.4s;

Answer Source

I think it's about priority


transition: 0.2s all 0.4s, transform 0.2s ;

i mean fisrt it sets transition to all styles then it rewrites transform

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