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Java Question

How do I change the default application icon in Java?

I'm using NetBeans, trying to change the familiar Java coffee cup icon to a png file that I have saved in a resources directory in the jar file. I've found many different web pages that claim they have a solution, but so far none of them work.

Here's what I have at the moment (leaving out the try-catch block):

URL url = new URL("com/xyz/resources/camera.png");
Toolkit kit = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit();
Image img = kit.createImage(url);

The class that contains this code is in the package, if that makes any difference. That class also extends JFrame. This code is throwing a MalformedUrlException on the first line.

Anyone have a solution that works?

Answer Source url = ClassLoader.getSystemResource("com/xyz/resources/camera.png");

May or may not require a '/' at the front of the path.

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