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SQL Question

Refresh Expression after script task

Bumping due to no suggestions

I have an SSIS package with a declared variable -

. The first step in my package is to populate the variable with the
from a SQL Server table.

I want to use that date to run a different query but it must use the ODBC data source in SSIS.

Since parameters can't be passed to the ODBC data source, I'm trying to use expressions.

This is what I've added to the data flow task:


However, the expression never refreshes with the date that is populated in the variable. I've debugged and confirmed that the variable is being populated. Variable property
is also true.

Am I missing a step here?

enter image description here

Answer Source

Just in case anyone else come across this question. The answer was simple. The expression was evaluating at run time, it just doesn't show the update when debugging.

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