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AngularJS Question

How to get pasted value using ngPaste directive when jquery is loaded before angular.js?

I'm having problems when i try to get the pasted data using ng-paste directive.

<input ng-model="evidence.url" ng-paste="getEvidenceInfos(evidence, $event.clipboardData.getData('text/plain'))">

When the jquery is loaded after angular, it works fine.

How to do when jquery is loaded before angular ?

<input ng-model="evidence.url" ng-paste="getEvidenceInfos(evidence, $event)">

$scope.getEvidenceInfos = function(evidence, event) {
$(event.currentTarget).val() // doesn't work
$( // doesn't work

Answer Source

When jQuery is loaded before angular, it is used within angular instead of jQuery lite which is built into angular. If full jQuery is used, you will receive a jQuery event. The raw event can be found in the property originalEvent.

$scope.getEvidenceInfos = function(evidence, event) {
    var pastedData = event.originalEvent.clipboardData;