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jQuery Question

Make rotate image only by handler, but not on image itself

I would like to rotate the image by handler only, but not on image itself.
I don't need to rotate the image while click and rotate on image. Please don't prescribe me to use Jquery UI rotatable-> Reason: Now i resize the image using Jquery UI resizable. Resize not works after rotating the image using Jquery UI rotatable.
So now i need to rotate the image by this handler only without using Jquery UI rotatable. Please help me to works this fine... Thanks in Advance..

<div id="image_box">
<div id="rotate_handle"></div>

My code in Jsfiddle..!

Answer Source

In your JavaScript, bind the .mousedown to the handle, not the whole image_box. For example: dial.find("#rotate_handle").mousedown(function(e) { ... });

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