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Set alignment of XRPictureBox at runtime

I want to create a XtraReport Template class, which get a report object and transform it to our Company design. At first, I create a ReportHeaderBand which get an XRPictureBox for the Logo. How can I place the XRPictureBox at the Right side of my ReportHeaderBand?

This is what I am doing so far:

internal class Kopfbereich: ReportHeaderBand
/// <summary>
/// Erstellt ein Objekt für den Kopfbereich eines Reports
/// </summary>
public Kopfbereich()

private void DruckeLogo()
XRPictureBox picBox = new XRPictureBox();
picBox.Visible = true;
picBox.Sizing = ImageSizeMode.AutoSize;
picBox.Image = Resources.Brillux_Logo_Reports_ohne_Text;

//This Method is from other class and should print my report with template
public XtraReport DruckeMitVorlage(XtraReport report)
Kopfbereich kopfbereich = new Kopfbereich();
return report;

I want to create it at Runtime to get an dynamic Template. So Designer is not an option.

I tried following code line to set the XRPictureBox on the right.

picBox.LocationF = new PointF(Report.PageWidth - picBox.WidthF - Report.Margins.Right.Width, 0);

But the Logo becomes displayed half on the next page.

Answer Source

I suggest you to add this XRPictureBox control to the report header band rather than this.Controls. It may control the picture edit to print on the top of the report rather than printing on another pages..

check the code snippet:

// Check if the TopMargin band is already present in the report. 
if(Bands.GetBandByType(typeof(ReportHeaderBand)) == null) {
    // Create a new TopMargin band and add it to the report. 
    ReportHeaderBandtmBand = new ReportHeaderBand();

    // Create a picture object
    XRPictureBox picBox = new XRPictureBox();
    picBox.Visible = true;
    picBox.Sizing = DevExpress.XtraPrinting.ImageSizeMode.AutoSize;
    picBox.Image = Resources.Logo;

    // Add the label to the ReportHeaderBand band. 

You can place control using report object as below:

 // Place the chart onto a report footer

How to create a report dynamically in the WinForms application

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