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Map[String,Any] to compact json string using json4s

I am currently extracting some metrics from different data sources and storing them in a map of type

where the key corresponds to the metric name and the value corresponds to the metric value. I need this to be more or less generic, which means that values types can be primitive types or lists of primitive types.

I would like to serialize this map to a JSON-formatted string and for that I am using
library. The thing is that it does not seem possible and I don't see a possible solution for that. I would expect something like the following to work out of the box :)

val myMap: Map[String,Any] = ... // extract metrics
val json = myMap.reduceLeft(_ ~ _) // create JSON of metrics

Navigating through source code I've seen
provides implicit conversions in order to transform primitive types to
's and also to convert
's (under the restriction of being available an implicit conversion from
, which I understand it actually means
is a primitive type). The
operator offers a nice way of constructing
's out of
's, which is just a type alias for
(String, JValue)

In this case, map values type is
, so implicit conversions don't take place and hence the compiler throws the following error:

value ~ is not a member of (String, Any)
[error] val json = r.reduceLeft(_ ~ _)

Is there a solution for what I want to accomplish?

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Answer Source

Since you are actually only looking for the JSON string representation of myMap, you can use the Serialization object directly. Here is a small example (if using the native version of json4s change the import to org.json4s.native.Serialization):

EDIT: added formats implicit

 import org.json4s.jackson.Serialization

 implicit val formats = org.json4s.DefaultFormats

 val m: Map[String, Any] = Map(
   "name "-> "joe",
   "children" -> List(
     Map("name" -> "Mary", "age" -> 5),
     Map("name" -> "Mazy", "age" -> 3)
 // prints {"name ":"joe","children":[{"name":"Mary","age":5},{"name":"Mazy","age":3}]}
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