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Combine two CGRect

Is there any way to combine two CGRect?
I want to add "y: 65.0" to an existing CGRect and can't seem to find any way to do it.
Sounds like a simple task to me but seems impossible to do in Xcode since "+=" isn't allowed between CGRect's.

EDIT: Tried using offsetBy and adding them using the following code. When adding the CGRect's i get the error message:

No '+' candidates produce the expected contextual result type 'CGRect'

var fromRect:CGRect = self.tableView.rectForRow(at: indexPath)
let addRect = CGRect(x: 0.0, y: 65.0, width: 0.0, height: 0.0)

//fromRect.offsetBy(dx: 0, dy: 65.0)
fromRect = fromRect + addRect

Answer Source

Or maybe you could just implement an operator yourself :

func +(left: CGRect, right: CGRect) -> CGRect {
    let origin = CGPoint(x: left.origin.x + right.origin.x, y: left.origin.y + right.origin.y)
    let size = CGSize(width: left.size.width + right.size.width, height: left.size.height + right.size.height)
    return CGRect(origin: origin, size: size)

func +=(left: inout CGRect, right: CGRect) {
    left = left + right

but there is a simpler solution to that problem without using operators: Just do this: (I'm not sure about this part because it seems that you want to do something more complex ?)

rect.origin.y += 65 
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