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MySQL Question

Recommended number of tables for in a single MYSQL Database

Am currently developing an application in Laravel 4.
After proper database normalization the required number of tables for my application increased to about 48 tables.

Am worried so I will like to ask you experienced guys for advice or suggestions.

  1. What impact will this have on my database on the long run in terms of performance and maintenance.

  2. Should I create another database and split the tables

Any contribution or suggestion will be well appreciated.

NB:The longest column in the one of the tables is 25

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Number of tables does not really make that much of a difference. There are few tuning things which can be done to help but ~25 is not going to be an issue for MySQL.

I also would NOT HAVE a separate database, this will mean you can't do table joins or foreign keys across the data.

I would go with your current design, and when needed ask some questions for optimisation.

I have seen MySQL deployments with ~500 tables, just to put your mind at rest.

Regards Joe

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