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CSS Question

How do I make HTML or CSS tables work inside my paragraph tags?

I am making a simple table on my website that needs to be within

tags. The table can be CSS or HTML, but the problem is that it always breaks my paragraph and ends the style. using
did not do anything.

Why won't this work?

And if it can't, what should I do instead?

Answer Source

There are three types of CSS declaration :

  1. Internal CSS - Defined under HEAD section of current webpage .
  2. Inline CSS - Defined under given within particular element.
  3. External CSS - Defined in external style sheet and is linked to the web page.

Avoid using Inline CSS, as it will be specific to given element and you will not be able to continue with other elements.

It is best to have External CSS where once properties for given tag is defined, it will automatically get implemented in every corresponding tags.

Internal CSS will also work but it will just increase the downloadable size of html.

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