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CSS Question

CSS not working on id on jsp

On my jsp page

tag when I use id, my css style sheet doesn't pick up on it, but when I change it to class it works.


<h:outputText id="namelabel" value="Name:" />


#namelabel {

font-weight: bold;

When I used the id for the parent
it does make the font bold for that whole form, so I don't understand the difference, could anyone explain? Feel like im missing something obvious..

At the moment its not a problem, but Im also wondering for future reference if I wanted to give unique CSS rules to that particular
, or would I just add another class rule to it? I suppose Im asking about best practice here too.

Im also using ajax, netbeans and deploying to GlassFish.

Answer Source

JSF will change the id of the input box component. The id will changed to following form


Use following code for styles



<h:form name="testForm">
<h:outputText id="namelable" value="Name:" />
font-weight: bold;
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