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Writing a binary file in C++ very fast

I'm trying to write huge amounts of data onto my SSD(solid state drive). And by huge amounts I mean 80GB.

I browsed the web for solutions, but the best I came up with was this:

#include <fstream>
using namespace std;
const unsigned long long size = 64ULL*1024ULL*1024ULL;
unsigned long long a[size];
int main()
fstream myfile;
myfile = fstream("file.binary", ios::out | ios::binary);
//Here would be some error handling
for(int i = 0; i < 32; ++i){
//Some calculations to fill a[]
myfile.write((char*)&a,size*sizeof(unsigned long long));

Compiled with Visual Studio 2010 and full optimizations and run under Windows7 this program maxes out around 20MB/s. What really bothers me is that Windows can copy files from an other SSD to this SSD at somewhere between 150MB/s and 200MB/s. So at least 7 times faster. That's why I think I should be able to go faster.

Any ideas how I can speed up my writing?

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This did the job:

#include <stdio.h>
const unsigned long long size = 8ULL*1024ULL*1024ULL;
unsigned long long a[size];

int main()
    FILE* pFile;
    pFile = fopen("file.binary", "wb");
    for (unsigned long long j = 0; j < 1024; ++j){
        //Some calculations to fill a[]
        fwrite(a, 1, size*sizeof(unsigned long long), pFile);
    return 0;

I just timed 8GB in 36sec, which is about 220MB/s and I think that maxes out my SSD. Also worth to note, the code at the beginning of my post used one core 100%, whereas this code only uses 2-5%.

Thanks a lot to everyone.

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