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Java Question

Both @Component and @Named for the same bean class

Does a class which will act as a bean in a Spring application require both

at the same time?

What is the significance if both are used so?

I tried searching the net as well as saw the standard documentation of these annotations and found them a bit confusing.

Finally which name is taken by the application if the
annotation does not specify any name for the bean?


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@Component and @Named are annotations that basically do the same thing, but come from different APIs.

@Component belongs to Spring API. It marks class to be autodetected as a bean and optionally allows you to specify a name for that bean (@Component("foo")). Without explicit name specification detected bean will get a default name derived from the name of its class.

@Named belongs to javax.inject API. It marks class to be autodetected as a bean and requires you to specify a name.

Spring supports both these APIs. It doesn't make sense to use both annotations at the same class since they provide the same functionality.

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