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Node.js Question

Load node.js module from string in memory

How would I require() a file if I had the file's contents as a string in memory, without writing it out to disk? Here's an example:

// Load the file as a string
var strFileContents = fs.readFileSync( "./myUnalteredModule.js", 'utf8' );

// Do some stuff to the files contents
strFileContents[532] = '6';

// Load it as a node module (how would I do this?)
var loadedModule = require( doMagic(strFileContents) );

Answer Source
function requireFromString(src, filename) {
  var Module = module.constructor;
  var m = new Module();
  m._compile(src, filename);
  return m.exports;

console.log(requireFromString('module.exports = { test: 1}'));

look at _compile, _extensions and _load in module.js

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