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How to parse JSON without JSON.NET library?

I'm trying to build a Metro application for Windows 8 on Visual Studio 2011.
and while I'm trying to do that, I'm having some issues on how to parse

library (It doesn't support the metro applications yet).

Anyway, I want to parse this:

"name":"Prince Charming",
"genre":"Rock and Metal",

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You can use the classes found in the System.Json Namespace which were added in .NET 4.5.

The JsonValue.Parse() Method parses JSON text and returns a JsonValue:

JsonValue value = JsonValue.Parse(@"{ ""name"":""Prince Charming"", ...");

If you pass a string with a JSON object, you should be able to cast the value to a JsonObject:

JsonObject result = value as JsonObject;

Console.WriteLine("Name .... {0}", (string)result["name"]);
Console.WriteLine("Artist .. {0}", (string)result["artist"]);
Console.WriteLine("Genre ... {0}", (string)result["genre"]);
Console.WriteLine("Album ... {0}", (string)result["album"]);

The classes are quite similar to those found in the System.Xml.Linq Namespace.