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Extract and load DLL from JAR

My Java application uses a DLL library. How can I get it work from the JAR file?

The DLL is in the project's sources folder. I have to include it in my JAR, extract it at runtime (in the same directory of the jar) and load it.

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You need to put dll in your library path (recommended ) before you try to load it. so that you will have to extract it from jar and copy it into lib path .

private static void loadLib(String path, String name) {
  name = System.mapLibraryName(name); // extends name with .dll, .so or .dylib
  try {
        InputStream in = ACWrapper.class.getResourceAsStream("/"+path + name);
        File fileOut = new File("your lib path");
        OutputStream out = FileUtils.openOutputStream(fileOut);
        IOUtils.copy(in, out);
        System.load(fileOut.toString());//loading goes here
   } catch (Exception e) {

Note: ACWrapper is the class holding the static method

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