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Add multiple permissions to one role entrust Role-based Permissions for Laravel 5

I just add entrust to Laravel project, i can create role, create permission , attachPermission, assignRole.

Now i want to attach multiple permissions to one Role ,for example i add this permissions [create-user,edit-user,remove-user,update-user] to superAdmin Role.

public function attachPermission(Request $request){
$role = Role::where('name', '=', $request->input('role'))->first();
$permission = Permission::where('name', '=', $request->input('name'))->first();
foreach ($permission as $pers){
return response()->json("done");

This code take last just permission, this is a backend i test with Postman.

So what's the best why to do it ? and thanks for help .

Answer Source

First retrieve the permissions you wish to assign to the role:

$permissionNames = ['name1', 'name2', 'name3'];

$permissions = Permission::whereIn('name', $permissionNames)->get();

and then you can pass the $permissions collection to the attachPermissions() method which accepts an array of Eloquent models:

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