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AngularJS UI Router $state reload child state only

I am using UI router for tabs of a main menu as well as for links within one of the states (users). The users state has a list of users and when a user is clicked, I want to reload the child state only, but it is reloading both the child state and the parent state (users).

Here's my code:

app.config(function ($stateProvider, $locationProvider, $urlRouterProvider) {
.state('home', {
abstract: true,
template: '<div ui-view=""></div>',
controller: 'HomeController as homeCtrl'
.state('users', {
parent: 'home',
url: '/users',
templateUrl: '/User/Index',
controller: 'UserController as userCtrl',
.state('users.createUser', {
templateUrl: '/User/CreateUser',
controller: 'CreateUserController as cuCtrl'
.state('users.editUser', {
templateUrl: '/User/EditUser',
controller: 'EditUserController as euCtrl',
resolve: {
userInfo: function (contextInfo, userData) {
return userData.get(contextInfo.getUserKey());
.state('users.addWebItemsForUser', {
templateUrl: '/User/AddWebItemsForUser',
controller: 'UserWebItemsController as uwiCtrl'
.state('users.addReportsForUser', {
templateUrl: '/User/AddReportsForUser',
controller: 'UserReportsController as urCtrl'
.state('users.userGroups', {
templateUrl: '/User/UserGroups',
controller: 'UserGroupController as userGroupCtrl'
//.state('users.logInWebApp', {
// template: '<h3>Logging into web app</h3>',
// resolve: {
// user: function() {
// return {
// //companyId: contextInfo.getCustomerKey()
// //userId:
// //password:
// }
// }
// },
// controller: function() {
// // need company code, username and password of user then need to open window with webapp url (will that work?) - do we still want to add this functionality?
// }
.state('links', {
url: '/links',
templateUrl: '/Link/Index',
controller: 'LinkController as linkCtrl'
.state('onlrpts', {
url: '/onlineReports',
templateUrl: '/OnlineReport/Index',
controller: 'OnlineReportController as onlRptCtrl'
.state('reports', {
url: '/customerReports',
templateUrl: '/CustomerReport/Index',
controller: 'CustomerReportController as custRptCtrl'
.config(function($provide) {
$provide.decorator('$state', function($delegate, $stateParams) {
$delegate.forceReload = function() {
return $delegate.go($delegate.$current.name, $stateParams, {
reload: true,
inherit: false,
notify: true
return $delegate;

This is the function in my parent controller (UserController) that is called when a user is clicked:

this.userTreeClick = function(e) {
userCtrl.userKey = e.Key;

So say I was in the users.userGroups state, when I click on another user, I want only the users.userGroups state to be reloaded. Is this possible? I have looked for an answer via Google and here at StackOverflow, but I haven't found anything that is exactly like what I am trying to do. When I break to check the $state.$current.name - the name is correct - users.userGroups, but it reloads everything instead of just the child state. Any help is very much appreciated!

Answer Source

As documented in API Reference , we can use $state.reload:


A method that force reloads the current state. All resolves are re-resolved, controllers reinstantiated, and events re-fired.


  • state (optional)
    • A state name or a state object, which is the root of the resolves to be re-resolved.

An example:

//will reload 'contact.detail' and 'contact.detail.item' states

Similar we can achieve with a $state.go() and its options parameter:

$state.go(to, params, options)


  • options (optional)
    • location ...
    • inherit ...
    • relative ...
    • notify ...
    • reload (v0.2.5) - {boolean=false|string|object}, If true will force transition even if no state or params have changed. It will reload the resolves and views of the current state and parent states. If reload is a string (or state object), the state object is fetched (by name, or object reference); and \ the transition reloads the resolves and views for that matched state, and all its children states.

Example from https://github.com/angular-ui/ui-router/issues/1612#issuecomment-77757224 by Chris T:

{ reload: true } // reloads all,
{ reload: 'foo.bar' } // reloads top.bar, and any children
{ reload: stateObj } // reloads state found in stateObj, and any children

An example

$state.go('contact', {...}, {reload: 'contact.detail'});
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