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mPDF 5.7.1 - image displays as a broken [x]

I have a small issue with mPDF (version 5.7.1).

This code should generate PDF with image file:

$mpdf = new mPDF();
$html = '<img src=""/>';
$mpdf->debug = true;
$output = $mpdf->Output();

Well there is no image but an

I've googled enough to get to the conclusion that it has to be done this way but I also tried realpath to the file. Still nothing.

The only thing I haven't tried is
<img src="logo11w.png">
and copying the image into the folder because I don't know into which folder I should copy file

Any suggestions?

ddn ddn
Answer Source

I had the same problem with PNG images being displayed as [X] when to generate PDFs with mPDF.

I added: $mpdf->showImageErrors = true;

After: $mpdf = new Mpdf();

and got the error message:

GD library required for PNG image (alpha channel)#

So after running apt-get install php5-gd generating a PDF with a PNG worked like a charm!

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