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Something wrong while using crypt function in C

I am using the crypt function in C, where I am giving the command line input an encrypted word. I use the words in /usr/share/dict/words and encrypt them using the crypt function and then compare the encrypted output of the crypt function with the command line input. If the words are the same, then I give out the non-encrypted code as the output using a printf statement.
The code is given below.

main(int argc, string argv[]){
char line[80];
string crypto;
printf("ERROR. Enter only one crypt");
return 1;
string crypti=argv[1];
FILE *fr;
string as;
printf("File can't be read");

The code seems to work fine just for 1 input i.e when I give "./a.out 50q.zrL5e0Sak"(without quotes). However, if I use any other input for the crypt, the code seems to fail. Another example for password:encrypted password is abaca:50TZxhJSbeG1I. The word abaca is present in the list but fails to identify. I am not able to fix this code to work for all inputs.

Answer Source

Add the following snippet to the beginning of while (fgets...) body:

  size_t len = strlen(line);
  if (len)

There is usually a newline \n (when it was read) in the end of the buffer read by fgets.

Your original code works with "password" because only 8 first characters of the key are actually used by crypt. It would work with any word of length 8 or more as well.

Also, make sure that the output is flushed after you print the result, by adding a newline to your format string or (if you don't want to output an extra newline) calling fflush(stdout):

/* or */
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