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Programing Raspberry Pi with Pi4j Embedded Linux JVM. Run button disabled

I have been trying to configure Embedded Linux JVM Debugger with Intellij IDEA on my windows 10 PC. I have followed given instructions and I just cant run aplication becouse Run button is disabled.

I have installed Pi4J on my Windows PC throgh graddle dependency

compile group: 'com.pi4j', name: 'pi4j-core', version: '1.1'

and Pi4j Project on my Ubuntu Mate on Raspberry 3

Here is screenshot:

As you can see Connection Status: Success

enter image description here

Any Ideas?

Answer Source

You're configuring the default setting for all run configurations, instead of defining a run configuration. That's why you don't see anything in the drop-down list. That's fine if you want to have something already pre-configured, but you need to define your run configuration using the green + icon in the upper left corner:

Run configurations

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