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Javascript Question

How can I write emoji characters to a textarea

I'm trying to setup an emoji picker control for a form that will post to various social media networks. I am trying to implement

(https://github.com/tommoor/emojione-picker) which provides a
object that looks like this when you click on an emoji icon:

"name":"grinning face",

I don't want to use the
property, but rather the
value for the actual emoji. I want to insert the unicode value at the current cursor position of a
on the page. I'm using the form value to post to Twitter which expect the actual emoji character (not :smile: or \u1f600 )

After reading this article (http://crocodillon.com/blog/parsing-emoji-unicode-in-javascript), I found that I can use a findSerrogatePair method to convert the unicode value into the escape sequence (?) Like this:

function findSurrogatePair(point) {
// assumes point > 0xffff
var offset = point - 0x10000,
lead = 0xd800 + (offset >> 10),
trail = 0xdc00 + (offset & 0x3ff);
return [lead.toString(16), trail.toString(16)];

Then I tried this:
foo = findSurrogatePair('0x1f600') => ["d83d", "de00"]

Using these values, I can see the actual smiley face character log to the console:


=> (actual smily emoji)

But if I try to read the values from
and add the \u, I see the character code:

console.log("\\u" + foo[0] + "\\u" + foo[1])

=> "\ud83d\ude00"

If I just use a single backslash:

console.log("\u" + foo[0] + "\u" + foo[1])

I get this error:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL(…)

Answer Source

Use String.fromCharCode:

.map((el) => parseInt(el, 16))
.map((el) => String.fromCharCode(el))

But then you're converting number to string in findSurrogatePair and the n back to number here with parseInt..

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