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SessionId lost when I make a request between backend of microservices

I am trying to make request between microservices in order to retrieve a list of users with the same roles. For this, first I make a request between FrontEnd and Backend inside the microservice 1. Following, I call an endpoint in the microservice 2 from Microservice 1 backend, but the session Id is lost in it, and I can retrieve the context.
I am using spring security and Redis for the session Control.
Manually, I retrieve the session Id from the microservice 1 and I add it as an attribute of the header of the second call, to the microservice 2. But it does not work.

String sessionID= RequestContextHolder.currentRequestAttributes().getSessionId();
RestTemplate rest = new RestTemplate();
HttpHeaders headers= new HttpHeaders();
HttpEntity<ResponseData> entity = new HttpEntity<ResponseData>(headers);
ResponseEntity<ResponseData> responseEntity, HttpMethod.GET, entity,ResponseData.class);

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Finally, I resolved the problem adding an interceptor as a component:

public class SpringSessionClientHttpRequestInterceptor implements ClientHttpRequestInterceptor {

public ClientHttpResponse intercept(HttpRequest request, byte[] body, ClientHttpRequestExecution execution)
    throws IOException {

    request.getHeaders().add("Cookie", "SESSION=" + sessionId);
    return execution.execute(request, body);


And I created a @Bean to configure the rest template:

public RestTemplate restTemplate(){
    RestTemplate rest = new RestTemplate();
    ClientHttpRequestInterceptor interceptor= new SpringSessionClientHttpRequestInterceptor();
    List<ClientHttpRequestInterceptor> interceptors = new ArrayList<ClientHttpRequestInterceptor>();
    return rest;
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