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Javascript Question

Multiple user facebook sharer

I created an angular app that allows users to take pictures from a touchscreen inside a shop.

Those users must be able to share these pictures on facebook. The problem is that once the first one has been logged-in to facebook via the sharer, it stores a session cookie and the next person who want to share his photo will be logged as the previous one.

I was thinking of something like : Share the photo button -> Ask facebook email & password credentials -> photo is shared on user wall -> user is automatically disconnected

Is there a way around this problem ?

Answer Source

Use this:

Don´t just present the default login process, it will come with those session cookie issues and other problems (2 step verification, for example).

Also, NEVER EVER ask users for their credentials, especially their password. That´s not how Facebook Login works, and people hopefully don´t do that.

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