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React JSX Question

Reactjs sending prop to child that is handed from Route

I have a following render function in my top most component App:

render() {
const { content } = this.props;
return (
<div id="content">

The {content} variable is delivered from Routes like this:

export default (
<Router history={History}>
<Route path={UserConstants.HOME_ROUTE} component={App}>
<IndexRoute components={{content:HomePage}}/>
<Route path={UserConstants.LOGIN_ROUTE} components=}{content:LoginPage}} />

How can I add props from the parent App to the {content} ?

Answer Source

In App, instead of {content} use

{React.cloneElement(content, {
     myProp: 'value'

And myProp will be accessible in the child component in this.props.myProp .

You can make this more dynamic to work with different child components if you use

{React.cloneElement(this.props.children, {
     myProp: 'value'
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