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Angular JS Refactor Controller Dependency Injections

I am wondering if there is a way to abstract out dependencies that are used across multiple Angular Controllers.

For example, if both my

take advantage of
, and
, is there a way to abstract these out into a package of some sort, say
and then inject
into both controllers instead of writing out all of the shared ones?


app.controller('StudentCtrl', ['standardDependencies', function(standardDependencies){


I know this is what services are typically used for I just haven't seen any examples for injecting things like
, only custom functions.

Answer Source

You can't do this for $scope because it might be different for each controller.

Actual singleton-like services, yes, you could technically wrap up into another service:

app.service('standardDependencies', ['$rootScope', ..., function($rootScope, ...) {
  this.$rootScope = $rootScope;

But I don't see any good reason to do so. If StudentCtrl and TeacherCtrl are really that similar, maybe they should both depend on something like PersonService that wraps common functionality.

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