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Flatten object to array?

I'm using an object as a hash table. I'd like to quickly print out its contents (for

for instance). Is there anything built in to convert a hash into arrays of (key, value) pairs?

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I updated this some more. This is much easier to parse than even console.log because it leaves out the extra stuff that's in there like __proto__.

function flatten(obj) {
    var empty = true;
    if (obj instanceof Array) {
        str = '[';
        empty = true;
        for (var i=0;i<obj.length;i++) {
            empty = false;
            str += flatten(obj[i])+', ';
        return (empty?str:str.slice(0,-2))+']';
    } else if (obj instanceof Object) {
        str = '{';
        empty = true;
        for (i in obj) {
            empty = false;
            str += i+'->'+flatten(obj[i])+', ';
        return (empty?str:str.slice(0,-2))+'}';
    } else {
        return obj; // not an obj, don't stringify me

The only thing I would do to improve this is have it indent correctly based on recursion level.

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