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add external style sheet in rails project

I am using Rails 3.2.1. How do I add external style sheets in my rails application?

I've tried the following answers to no avail:

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I'm just going to assume you're already using something like this in your layout:

stylesheet_link_tag 'application'

If you want to refer to an external stylesheet then all you need to do is pass in the url.

stylesheet_link_tag 'application', 'http://yui.yahooapis.com/2.8.1/build/reset/reset-min.css'

If you want to include the actual files in your codebase:

app/assets/stylesheets is where you should place your main css files.

vendor/assets/stylesheets is where you should place the css files for any plugins that you might have.

It's the same for js files. For example your application.js would go in app/assets/javascripts and a jquery plugin like timeago.js would go in vendor/assets/javascripts.

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